Wednesday, February 25, 2009


THANK GOD!!! We got a final ok today from the underwriters. Everything is falling into place. We got a final quote on the price we need to bring to closing. The figure is much better than I was thinking. Thank goodness. Closing will be happening by the 13th of March for sure now. Everyone will have to come help with a painting party. I need a lot of painting done in my new 2000 sq. ft. home. :-) See you all there!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

House Inspection

So, on Monday we did a walk through of the home. There were a few little things here and there that needed to be fixed; like paint and cabinet stuff. The one biggest thing that needs to be fixed is a wall. The guy doing the walk through found a small wall that was bowing a little. So, now that whole wall needs to be taken down and re put up straight. So, that kind of sucks. Oh well, they said all of the fixes should be done in a week. Brayton will go back up to the house on Monday to re-check all of the things we had marked wrong. We are looking at getting everything completed by Friday, March 13 with keys in hand. It is coming up very quickly. So, about 18 more days and we will be homeowners. How scary is that!!!! :-)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Weekend!!

I am so happy it is the weekend. Today, I watched The Notebook and then I scrapbooked for awhile...nice and relaxing. Tonight Mary and the crew are coming over for dinner. Monday we have our walk through of the house. I am so excited to see everything now cleaned and all of the finishing touches put in; including our blinds. Of course, I will take a ton of pictures and will post after. That's about all that is exciting right now...we are getting the finishing touches done on our loan as well. I will be so happy when all of that crap is done with. They are a pain in the butt those companies. Will write more later!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

New House Pictures

Here is our entry way with the grass layed and some plants planted.

This is our bedroom with the carpet we chose. It is a little hard to see but it is kind of like berber with brown and tan in color.

This is the living room with it's carpet.

Here is our kitchen with the appliances and our floor layed out. I love the floor.

Here is the finished product for the outside. Isn't it pretty??? I just love it. Before we know it we'll be living in there.

Pictures from Lake Arrowhead

We took a mini vacation up to Lake Arrowhead for a pre-Valentine's weekend. It had a crazy snow storm. It was absolutely beautiful. We then took a trip up to Big Bear for the day. This picture to the right is us in front of Big Bear Lake surrounded by snow. It was a very cold but nice weekend.
This is the snow on the trees as we were driving home from Big Bear. It was gorgeous...everything completely covered with snow.

This picture shows the nice big flurries as they came down in the village by Lake Arrowhead.

This was our cabin at the Saddleback Inn in Lake Arrowhead. It was very cute. Our own little chalet with a fireplace and jacuzzi. Would definitely go back.

Friday, February 6, 2009

This week....

This week feels like it took forever to get with through. Not quite sure why. This is my second week on the new job and love it. I forgot what it was like to come home early and still have the afternoon and night to still do something. I also found out this week that our house will be done by February 23rd and we have to do a Celebration walk thru. I can't wait to see it completely put together with all of our finishing touches and our carpet and tile. Tonight, we are going over to Marie and Philips house for dinner. Then tomorrow we head off to Lake Arrowhead for the weekend for pre-Valentine's Day. It should be snowing up there so it shoud be really pretty. I'm off to go get ready. Will post more after my trip.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Superbowl Sunday

So, the Superbowl was yesterday...Cardinals vs. Steelers. It was a great game during the last 5 minutes. The Cardinals scored a touchdown and came back into the lead and then in the last few seconds the Steelers came back and took the game. It was very sad. This was the first time AZ had made it to the superbowl and they almost won it. I would have loved to see them win.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

We officially have an address....

So, we went and looked at the house again today on Superbowl Sunday. The house is now locked, so we need to stop and get a key anytime we want to get in. Here are a few new additions of the home. Basically they are the light fixtures in the dining room and the master bath. Also, the concrete has been poured for the back patio. Our address and light fixtures are up. The lady in the sales office told us we should wear a hard hat to visit the site. So, in a picture you will see me in front of the house in my Lennar hard hat.

Tile Choices

The tile above is for the second bathroom upstairs.

This tile is for the master bath.

The builders said that the tile and rest of the flooring should be installed around February 12th. So, we'll have to do another trip at that point to see how it looks as a whole.