Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chicago Day 2

Today was hot as hell with 95% humidity. It was awful. But, we still pushed foward and did some sightseeing. We first took a very long walk to try and find Buckingham fountains. Which we eventually found. Then Brayton and I headed over to see the Picasso statue and then we went on an architectural boat tour on the Chicago river. We learned about the history of all of the buildings around Chicago. Then we ended the night at the Navy Pier where we went to eat at Harry Caray's Tavern, with homemade baked potato chips. Then back to the hotel to chill out and soak up the AC.

Brayton and the Chicago skyline
Brayton and I with the skyline
Mom and the skyline
Us at the resteraunt
In the front of Navy Pier
The Picasso statue
Buckingham Fountain
The Whitmyer's
The Williams
Rob and I went to cool off here.
The Chicago river

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Chicago Day 1

Today we arrived in Chicago and started exploring right away. I had my first real Chicago deep dish pizza for lunch, it was very yummy! Then we walked around Michigan Ave. and watched the World Cup Soccer game with Dave. Then we went to rest for awhile at the hotel until the fam came in. Once they arrived we headed off to Taste of Chicago, which was amazing. There was so much food, it was crazy. Lots of good food there also. Then we took a walk through Millennium Park and saw sculptures from China and the Bean. The bean was amazing. Lots of cool pictures there.

Us in front of the bean
My first Chicago deep dish pizza
Brayton's first Chicago pizza
The famous Chicago theatre
Love the skyline on the bean, Mom and Robert in front.
The other side of the bean with a different skyline.
Brayton and I in front of the bean with the skyline background.
So cute!!!
Me taking a picture of myself under the bean.
This was us in front of one of the China sculptures.
Us at Millennium Park
At the entrance of Taste of Chicago

San Diego Day

Brayton and I went down to San Diego for the day and met up with Brayton's Uncle Terry and Aunt Debbie. They took us to a Padres game and we had great seats, 14 rows from the field. Brayton was able to go onto the field before the game and watch batting practice and meet some of the players. We met Luke Scott of the Baltimore Orioles. He was very nice and fun to hang out with. We all went out to eat together after the game. It was great that I got to spend time with Terry and Debbie to get to know them better.

Brayton and I with Uncle Terry and Aunt Debbie
Luke Scott and me
Us with Luke Scott at dinner
Brayton down on the field with Luke's people
Brayton and Luke on the field at Petco Stadium
Brayton and his Uncle Terry on the field
Brayton and I in front of Petco Field

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Scrapbook Weekend

Friday night I went to a crop night with my mom and Mary. I got 12 pages done. I was very excited. I got to use a lot of the pages I had made over the month's at Chris's house. Then on Saturday I managed to do 6 more pages. I am trying to get through 2008. I would really love to be caught up. Right now I am sitting and watching New Moon. I really should be cleaning my house and doing homework, but don't really feel like doing either. We'll see how the rest of the day pans out.