Monday, February 21, 2011

So, today we all took a trip down to San Diego to hang out for our President's Day off. First, we started off at Sea World getting our free year pass. Then from there we headed over to Mission Beach and headed over to Belmont Park. This park is home to the roller coaster the Big Dipper which is an old wooden roller coaster. Since, I can't go on right now Rob, Charles and Brayton were going on it. But, poor Brayton's legs were to high for the bar to come down and he wasn't able to go. Then we walked around the boardwalk for a bit and headed to the Waverunner resteraunt for lunch. This place was so neat. You sit outside with the sand under your feet and a large surf type thing for you to watch. Great place Went down to the beach area and grabbed a yummy ice cream cone that Brayton and I shared. Afterwards, we headed to the Navy Exchange for some good shopping. It was such a fun day out.

The front of Belmont Park

Theres the lady trying to get the bar down
There's Charles and Robert at the top.
Brayton and I at the resteraunt
My mom, Rob and Charles enjoying our lunch.


This past week was Valentine's Day. I got a beautiful dozen roses from my father-in-law on Valentine's Day. Then a few days later Brayton and I got a package in the mail from Aunt Debby and Uncle Terry. They had made us a beautiful quilt board with pictures from throughout the years along with a couple of gift cards for Outback Steakhouse. The picture board was beautiful, it was really fun to see the pictures of Brayton when he was little.

The picture board.
Flowers from Enoch.

Super Bowl Sunday

So, this year Robert's team Green Bay Packers was in the game against Pittsburgh Steelers and Robert's team won. I went to my moms to watch the game while Brayton went to work. Mary, Steve, and Gina also came over to watch the game. We did a numbers pool for the game and we wound up winning the whole pot, which was pretty exciting. The party was cheese themed in honor of Green Bay.
The back of the QB Rodgers
Final score of the game
This was a gift from Robert for the baby! :-)