Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Brayton's 31st Birthday!!!

Brayton and his birthday cupcake!

Brayton's birthday cupcake tower!

Dinner Time!

The boys eating outside.

The birthday boy!!!

The food line-up on the island.

The men around the BBQ.

Nana hanging out in the kitchen.

I threw a birthday party for Brayton's 31st birthday. We had some great family and friends come to celebrate at our new home. We had a great time. We ate some great BBQ and side dishes. Brayton got wonderful gifts. It was a really fun and entertaining night.
Happy Birthday Bratyton!!!

Moving Day

Lunch time after all their hard work.

A bunch of stuff that got accumulated on the dinning room table.

Brayton and Travis working hard!

The nice mess in the living room.

Nana helping to line the kitchen cabinets.

Grandpa putting back all of the outlet covers after painting.

Enoch, Steve, Philip and Brayton getting another load from the car.

On Saturday March 21st was moving day. We had friends and family to help us get all of our stuff out of storage. We had a great group of people that worked very hard and helped us so much. We can not say thank you enough.

Time to Update!!!

So, I have not been able to get on here in awhile and update everyone on how things have been going. It has been crazy from first getting the keys...then to painting. Then at the end of that week Brayton and I took a one night trip to Arizona to see the family and pick up my grandparents to come out for the week. That weekend upon return was moving day. Then came the week of hell...unpacking!!!! Then, it was Saturday the 28th and we had Brayton's 31 st birthday at our house with all of the family. Now, I finally have some down time. I will now post individually all of these journeys.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Painting Weekend

Here is the dining room finished and also our painting supplies.

This is some of the pictures of the finished project. The top left is of our kitchen nook area with the patio doors. The top right is the living room. The bottom left is the kitchen. The bottom right is a small view of the entry way where we used both colors.

Brayton and I had Steve, Mary, Charles, Robert and my mom over for a day of painting yesterday. We were there for almost 12 hours continuously painting. Charles stayed later and finished up the master bedroom for us. We got the entire downstairs complete. It looks so nice, it's a combination of greens and browns (earthy tones). Thank you all for all of your hard work!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

We are officially HOMEOWNERS!!!!

Today, we finally closed on escrow and recieved all of the keys and garage openers and all that good stuff. I went in tonight and did a few paint samples on the walls and tomorrow Brayton starts doing all the work. Fans have to go up, tape has to go before painting...lots of work ahead of us now. We have a busy work weekend planned ahead of us.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Welcome Home!

This is what they had up for us at the house when we went to do the inspection. I thought it was very cute.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Loan Docs are Done!!!

So, today Brayton and I signed all of the loan docs for the house. Everything is signed and money is given. So we get our keys to the house on Thursday. I can't believe how fast this process has gone.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekend Excitment

So, on Saturday we spent the day shopping with my mom, Mary, Robert, Mario, and Jacob at the outlets in Palm Springs. We had a lot of fun. I did good too. I didn't buy very much. I did get a raspberry lemon drop martini mix from Harry and Davids which I will have to try soon. Then for Sunday I spent the morning scrapbooking and then went shopping for a bit. Then when Brayton got home from work we went to his brother Ryan's 30th Birthday party. It was a nice weekend, but went way to fast!!!