Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Brayton's 31st Birthday!!!

Brayton and his birthday cupcake!

Brayton's birthday cupcake tower!

Dinner Time!

The boys eating outside.

The birthday boy!!!

The food line-up on the island.

The men around the BBQ.

Nana hanging out in the kitchen.

I threw a birthday party for Brayton's 31st birthday. We had some great family and friends come to celebrate at our new home. We had a great time. We ate some great BBQ and side dishes. Brayton got wonderful gifts. It was a really fun and entertaining night.
Happy Birthday Bratyton!!!


  1. Your house looks so good!!! Happy Birthday Brayton!

  2. The party was a great first party of hopefully mainy more wonderful fun events to take place in your beautiful Brand New Home. The house looks beautiful and now it is time for you two to sit back and enjoy all that you have worked for. Congrats and best of luck. Love You guys.