Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve

This Christmas Eve Brayton had to work. So, we went to our church Sanctuary for the service with my mom, Charles, Robert, Judy and Jack. The service was great. They had a choir singing Christmas carols with both adults and children. Then the pastor gave a great sermon about the meaning of Christmas and how we should celebrate it throughout the year. During the last song Joy to the World they had snow flurries that came down on the people. It was a wonderful service.

After that we headed to Mary and Steve's house for dinner. We got to hang out with all of their families that we don't always get to see, so it was fun!

Christmas Lights

My mom, Charles, Robert, Jacob, Brayton and I went to see a community full of Christmas lights in Rancho Cucamonga. We walked around for about 2 hours seeing all of the different decorations. We got some hot chocolate and a yummy homemade cupcake and walked up and down the blocks. Some people go all out on their homes. It was really fun to see how people do things.
My favorite sign of the night.
Mom and Charles in front of the house covered in lights.
Us with Hawaiian Santa!
Rob and Jacob with Santa.
I loved this house, it was so bright with the LED lights.
The whole gang in front of the Peanuts house.
Rob and his Pluto
I loved these reindeer at a lot of the different homes.
Brayton and I.
Loved this sign and so true!
Another beautiful house.

Robert's 13th Birthday

On December 18th Robert turned 13! We had some friends come over to my moms house to make some candy and celebrate his birthday with cake. We made tons of turtles and peanut butter balls. Then we had a cake that was decorated with different memorabilia from Robert's previous birthdays. It was very cute!

Here are some of the happy candy makers!
Rob's cake with his memorabilia!
Robert waiting to blow out his candles.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mission Inn Festival of Lights3

We all went to the Mission Inn's Festival of Lights last week. Even the doggies were able to come. We walked all around and saw all the gorgeous lights and vendors on the streets. We also saw real reindeer which was pretty cool. They had 2 of them out on display. Then of course we were able to get out picture with Santa this year. And of course Frosty and Sasha had their first Santa sitting. We had a fun night taking in the Christmas season.

Here's our Santa picture.
The whole crew in front of the Christmas tree.
Us just hanging out at the end of the night.
The family!
Charles and Sasha. Sasha had gotten a pretty snowman scarf at the festival from my mom and Charles. She looked very pretty.
Hanging with the elf. Frosty wanted to know what that thing was.
The Nutcracker
Rob and Sasha with the Nutcracker.
Mom at the lights.
Us with the lights.
Brayton with the lights.
Here was one of the reindeer. They were so neat to see.

Christmas Photos

Last weekend we went and did our family photos. My mom, Charles, Robert, Jack, and Judy also came for the pictures. I needed to do one picture for our Christmas card. So, Brayton took us to this great location. We got pictures of everyone including Frosty and Sasha. Mary and her family even came down to do some pictures. It got off to a bit of a rough start because Charles and I were trying to figure out my camera and which way to shoot the pictures with lighting and background and all that good stuff. At the end of the day, I think we got some great shots.

Sasha and Frosty by the tree! Aren't they cute!
Brayton and I.
The family!
Jack and Judy had some gorgeous pictures.
Both our family's together!
Judy and Jack with us.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Bunco

This year I hosted the Christmas bunco night at my house. We first started off with some yummy wine and very yummy cheesy hash-brown and meat casserole. We then went onto play 2 games of bunco. Afterwards, it was time for the gift exchange. We all had so much fun. The presents were great and the game of getting the presents and trying to keep them was even better. I wound up getting a Scentsy candle set. I love it, I've been wanting one. Overall, a fun and successful evening.

One table of our bunco people.
Here's Faye and Judy, and me.
Heres Kathy, Helen, Casey, Kelly, and Addison.
Everyone gathering around for the gift exchange.
The other half of our group.
Judy opening her gift.

Sasha in her Christmas Dress

Baby girl Sasha in her very pretty Christmas dress. She kept trying to eat the back of it. I tried to find an outfit for Frosty but none were big enough for him.

Candy Making at Faye's

My mom, Robert, and I went down to my friends Faye and Billy's house to make candy. We were there for 5 hours and made tons of turtles, carmel corn, and peanut butter balls. We had so much fun. We came home with quite a few goodie bags of candy.

Billy rolling out the caramel.
Robert making the popcorn for the caramel corn.
Faye putting chocolate "buttons" on top of the turtles.
Tami, my mom and Faye working hard on the candy.
The end product of tons and tons of turtles.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Meet our new baby....Sasha

After we got back from Arizona I decided to give Brayton his Christmas present early. We decided earlier that week to get a lab puppy. So, we found a breeder who had a gorgeous cream colored baby girl lab, 12 weeks old. So, Sunday when we got home we went to the breeders house and picked her up. She's a big girl. I took her to the vet this past week and she weighed in at 31 pounds. A bit hefty. However, she seems to be settling in just fine. Frosty and her are getting along great.
She has made herself comfy under our tree.
Wanting to go outside while visiting at my mothers.
She loves being outside.
She liked the new toys we got for her.
Hanging out around the house!