Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Bunco

This year I hosted the Christmas bunco night at my house. We first started off with some yummy wine and very yummy cheesy hash-brown and meat casserole. We then went onto play 2 games of bunco. Afterwards, it was time for the gift exchange. We all had so much fun. The presents were great and the game of getting the presents and trying to keep them was even better. I wound up getting a Scentsy candle set. I love it, I've been wanting one. Overall, a fun and successful evening.

One table of our bunco people.
Here's Faye and Judy, and me.
Heres Kathy, Helen, Casey, Kelly, and Addison.
Everyone gathering around for the gift exchange.
The other half of our group.
Judy opening her gift.

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