Monday, June 8, 2009

The past week...

There's been a lot going this week. Sunday night we had a dinner with Brayton's family for his brother's graduation. Then I continued reading my Twilight books. I was up to number 2 during this week. On Wednesday we went to Amanda's graduation and then we went out to eat at BJ's. That was a fun night. Thursday night it was off to school for me in Azusa. When I got home Brayton had invited Philip and Marie over with their 2 beagles, Brody and Chip. They were absolutely adorable. Friday night I went to the drive in movies with the Gutierrez's and my family. We saw Night in the Museum 2 and then the second movie was Wolfman or something like that. I skipped it and started reading my 3rd Twilight book. Saturday, Brayton and I went to a BBQ at our neighbor's house and met some new people. Later on that day Brayton took me to the nursery to look at plants. We found some rose bushes and ground cover and other things. I'm not much of a gardner. :-) Sunday was great. I did absolutely nothing. I finished the 3rd Twilight book that night. Today, I went and bought the fourth book and am totally loving it.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Twilight Again

Ok, so over the weekend I finished the first Twilight book, all 498 pages. I loved it. I can't believe I actually finished it. So, now I have moved onto the second book, New Moon. That one seems pretty interesting so far. I'll have to wait till November to see how the movie pans out.