Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thanksgiving Week in Arizona

We headed out to Scottsdale with my family and Judy. We spent Thanksgiving at my Aunt Mary's house and had some very yummy food. Thanksgiving night my mom, Nicole and Aunt Mary went out at midnight to Old Navy and did some great shopping with phenomenal deals. Then we went back home. The next morning we hit a few more stores for some good Black Friday deals.
Brayton, Robert and I
The Curet's
Brayton and I
Brayton, me and Judy
The Peterson's
The Cousins
Nana and Grandpa
Nicole and Bob
Our very yummy turkey!
Dinner Time!

Later on Friday night we all got together at this great restaurant Monty's in Tempe for my nana's 80th birthday party. The grandkids and the 3 daughters all did some research on the year when nana was our age. So, I research was pretty interesting. We then shared all that we had learned at the table. After that we all went back to nana's and hung out.

The cousins with the grandparents.
The 3 daughters with their parents.
Nana and Grandpa at the party.
Blowing out the candles! Happy 80th Birthday!

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