Friday, March 5, 2010

The Week

So, for some reason this week feels like it lasted forever. Between work and school it was a lot. Then of course there has been other stressors this week which I will not waste my time going into. I am hoping for a productive weekend. I need to get quite a bit of school work done to stay on top and ahead. Then I want to try and finish up my scrapbook from Williamsburg and Washington D. C. from last summer.

Today, I got in my Your Story thing which laminates and can bind scrapbooks. So, I need to try and work on that and figure how that all works. I also want to start looking up more information on Chicago. This summer's vacation is going to be so much fun plus its over my birthday and we are going to Wrigley Field that day and that out for some real Chicago pizza. What a way to spend my 29th birthday. I am so excited.

Weekend, here we come!!!!

1 comment:

  1. 29....Wow, you're getting old Gill!!!LOL, I'm just kidding. Good luck this week!!