Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Time for a recap...

So, things have been crazy, lots of things going on. First off, last week I just finished another semester of my graduate program. Then we got no break and I started back for summer school yesterday for a full semester. I'm still waiting on grades, but hopefully all will be good.

Lately, we've been trying to go on a hike somewhere each weekend. This past weekend we went up to Mt. Rubidoux. It was gorgeous. It was a 2 mile hike up and then 1 mile hike down the steeper trail. There's a cross at the top of it all, that is supposedly the spot of the first sunrise Easter mass. So, Brayton, my mom, Robert, Charles and I all hiked to the top. Then to get to the actual cross you need to climb up these monster concrete/rock steps. Charles, Robert and I did this part. Big mistake my thighs are killing me from it. But, the view was amazing of the city. I would definitely try this hike again.

Then, it was mother's day. I spent the afternoon with my mom at a friends campground in Yucaipa while Brayton was at work. We had good BBQ and Frosty came so he got to see his sister Abby again. Frosty had a great time running around. He did get a boo boo from another dog and he got a swollen eye. But he's doing much better now. Then when Brayton got off of work we met him at a yummy Mexican resteraunt Casa Trejo for dinner. Here are some pics from Mother's Day!

Mary and Gina



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