Sunday, July 18, 2010


Yesterday was supposed to be a fun relaxing day hanging out and scrapbooking with friends. I had everyone come over and hang out. We had lots of snacks and of course gossip!

Then, it started to go down hill. First off, I was going to bring the cat upstairs and I managed to trip on the first step. I let go off the poor cat and then I hit my knee and stubbed my left big toe. After a little while I noticed a bruise to my left arm from falling and my big toe was starting to kill me. It was bruising up and swelling. I took some Motrin and put some ice on it and by the end of the night it didn't hurt so bad.

Then after falling up the stairs, my mom noticed Frosty had some hives. So, I went up and got a Benadryl for him and gave him that. After a few minutes I let him in the backyard to go potty. After a few minutes I went to check on him and I noticed that my back gate had been opened and I didn't see Frosty. So, I ran in the house and screamed to my mom he's gone, the gates open. Immediately everyone went running outside to look for him. My mom got in her car and Faye got in her car to try to look for him and I went running around the block. At one point Sonia came out and said this lady called and she has him by her house. Then, Sonia drove me over to this lady's house. Of course the dog was on the backside of the house by the walking path. So, I had to run down the path and find which house was hers. She had him on a leash attached to her fence so he couldn't get away. Thank God for this lady who stopped to help him. I owe her big time!

That was the exciting day I had yesterday. Way to much excitement for one person to handle!


  1. I'm so glad Frosty is home safe! How is your toe???

  2. I totally agree, but thank God we got the baby boy back... Now where are the pics of the broken toe??