Thursday, August 5, 2010

Frosty's Birthday Party and Pasadena

This weekend the Curet's came out for a visit. We went to Pasadena Old Town for an afternoon after my final. We walked around the shops and had lunch at a hamburger place named Jakes. It was very yummy. I found this dog store there that had personalized birthday bones. And, since it was a day after Frosty's birthday I decided to get him one. He was able to share it with Gunny and Buster. So, in these pictures you'll see the birthday bone, as well as Frosty's first pool swim. I had Brayton put him in my moms pool to see how he would do. He is not a big fan of the water. But, he looked mighty cute!!!

Daddy, please get me out of here!

He's a little scared.

First swim!

Frosty sharing his present with Gunny!

Yum Yum. Thank you Mommy, this bone is good!

Frosty's birthday bone!

Sitting at Jake's in Pasadena.

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