Sunday, August 15, 2010

Meet Avatar

So, yesterday while at my moms this cute Chihuahua came to her door alone with no tag or collar. So, Charles went to a few homes and found his owner. Then this morning I get a phone call from my mother saying that he had made his way back to her house again. So, I immediately woke up Brayton to go see the dog. Them my mom said he was covered in fleas. So, obviously whoever had him, did not care for him. So, off Avatar went to Coventry for a flea bath.

Robert came up with the name Avatar because of the white patch on his head. We call him Avi for short.

Avatar then came to our house to visit with Frosty and see how they got along. Avatar is only 5 pounds 4 ounces and our Frosters is 48 pounds. They are getting along pretty well. But, Frosty won't let the poor thing rest. So, we're giving him a try at the house tonight to see how he does. But, he's mighty cute and small.

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